Our garlic is regularly tested by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and certified to be white rot-free. This means that, unlike some growers, we can ship garlic seed anywhere in the country. We are currently growing six varieties.

All varieties of Purple Crown Garlic seed are $17.50 per pound (plus shipping if applicable). We guarantee our garlic to be the best available. All produce sales are final.



PURPLE CROWN GARLIC SEED VARIETY PACK features grower's choice of at least three varieties of our finest organic garlic seed depending on season and availabilty. We are sometimes able to accomodate your wishes for a specific mix. If this is the case, please call us to place your order. Number of cloves per Lb. will vary depending on varieties selected.

PURPLE GLAZER GARLIC SEED is a popular hardneck variety with a robust flavor, yet not hot and with no after-taste. Originally from the Caucasus region of Eurasia, Purple Glazer thrives in our Idaho climate with our cold winters. It's an excellent choice for recipes incorporating sauteed or baked garlic. 9-12 cloves per bulb. 50-60 cloves per Lb.

CHESNOK RED GARLIC SEED is a delicious hardneck variety with real garlic flavor, producing that wonderful smell when cooking. Also from the Caucasus region of Eurasia, Chesnok Red has a thin, white wrapper and is easy to peel. The large cloves and a pronounced sweetness when baked make this garlic a star in the kitchen. 9-10 cloves per bulb. 50-60 cloves per Lb.

SPANISH ROJA GARLIC SEED is America's most popular type of garlic. With an excellent flavor that might be described as hot and spicy, Spanish Roja is easy to peel and lends itself nicely to a wide variety of recipes. This is one garlic that has it all! 8-9 cloves per bulb. 45+ cloves per Lb.

SUSANVILLE GARLIC SEED is a delightful softneck variety. Its fine texture allows this garlic to spead easily when combined with melted butter for the best garlic bread ever. And Susanville's mild, yet garlicky taste is sure to please diners of all ages. The large bulbs typically yield 12-15 cloves. 60-70 cloves per Lb.

SIBERIAN GARLIC SEED is as sought after for its medicinal properties as for its wonderful flavor. Boasting the highest allicin content of any garlic, Siberian especially benefits the immune system and improves circulation. Another hallmark of this remarkable hardneck variety is its extra-large cloves, only 5-9 per bulb..

LOMBARD ITALIAN GARLIC SEED is a large softneck garlic that's a perennial favorite for its sweet, mild flavor and long shelf life. Excellent in soups, salads and many other dishes, Lombard Italian yields 9-12 cloves per bulb with approximately 50 cloves per pound.




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